Find a Great Deal on Our Used Vehicles Today

Whether you're looking for a quality used car, truck or SUV, we're confident we can find what you need here at Modern Classic Motors. There are many different characteristics to look for in a vehicle, like safety or performance, but at our Grand Junction location, we have a little of everything. Each trip starts with a test drive and a chat with our friendly financing team. We also recommend checking out our informative post on Tips to Understanding Used Car Financing.

Finding What You Need

All you have to do is come down to our location and tell us what you want, and we will be able to point you in the right direction immediately. We have vehicles in all styles and colors, with all manner of material for interiors. Almost no matter what you want for new tech options, we should have the car for you. We have vehicles for every budget from under $5K, if that's not your sweet spot we also have $5 - $15K, as well as $15K - $25K, and $25K and up

Style and Appearance

Whatever color you love the best, we will likely have something for you to look at in that color. If you love leather interiors, we have you covered. Name a decal type, a style, and we're likely to have something like that on our lots. Plus, since we have only used options available, you know you're going to get a great deal on it, and you'll be surprised and happy when you look at that final price tag.

Eye-popping Tech Options

They are doing amazing things with technology these days, including connecting your phone so you can play media on your vehicle's stereo and video screens easily. The infotainment monitors on many vehicles can also produce their own Wi-Fi hot spots and even help you with navigation directly.

Performance and Safety

There will be trucks with impressive carrying capacities, vehicles that can stop themselves to avoid collisions, and much more. Regardless of whether you need to tow a vehicle, transport your family, or do anything else, we know we'll have just the right thing. Please make sure you contact us today to get started.