At Modern Classic Motors, we know just how challenging it can be for Grand Junction, CO drivers to master the art of safe towing. Even when vehicles are built for capably managing large, heavy loads, there's still much that people have to do to ensure proper loading, balancing, and weighting among other things. That's why we're sharing several towing tips to make everything both safer and easier.

Start With a Comprehensive Tune-Up

The best way to stay safe while towing is to start with a well-maintained vehicle. If your truck or SUV is on deck for tune-up service, schedule this right away. This is also a good time to have your wheel alignment, brakes, and tires inspected.

Accurately Calculate Weight

It's easy to overload your vehicle when towing. Don't just account for the boat or camper that you're hauling. Be sure to add in the weight of all passengers and cargo too.

Position Your Cargo Carefully

How you load your cargo is just as important as how much extra weight you bring along. To maintain a good center of balance, try to load heavy cargo towards the front end of your trailer rather than the rear. In general, it's best to keep approximately 60 percent of a trailer's load stored in its front half.