Just like you and yours, our team at Grand Junction, CO Modern Classic Motors endured all winter, waiting for warmer, springtime driving days to roll around. Nothing beats the mild temperatures, bright skies, sun, the world in bloom. We offer these springtime car care tips to make your warm-weather road trips all the more pleasant.

Replace Wiper Blades and Fluid

Winter's cold temperatures do quite a number on wiper blades, making them brittle and fragile. Warmer spring temperatures can cause wiper blades to oxidize and break. To be on the safe side, check your vehicle's wiper blades when spring comes back around. Replace dry, brittle blades, and refill wiper fluid as needed.

Check Your Vehicle's Tire Pressure

Your vehicle may or may not have a tire pressure monitor. Even so, check your vehicle's tire pressure monitor before leaping into the swing of spring. Warmer temperatures soften tire material, causing changes in pressure. Inadequate tire pressure speeds up tire wear and can be unsafe when driving.

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