One of the easiest ways to test your car's battery is with a multimeter. This is a device that you can get at just about any auto parts store. Modern Classic Motors also has them if you don't want to purchase one yourself. First, turn on your headlights for about two minutes. This will remove the surface charge from the battery, especially after driving in Grand Junction, CO.

The multimeter should be set to at least 15 volts. Once this is set, you can turn off the lights on your car. The device should be attached to the negative and positive terminals on your battery. A normal reading from the multimeter is 12.6 volts. If it's below this number, then you likely need a new battery.

Turn the car on to test the battery when the car is running. This output should read at least 10 volts. Look for any decreases or surges while the car is running. Anything under five volts means that the battery should be replaced.

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